Vietnam Combat Audio Radio Commo cd's


CD#1: Mad Dog Six.1969-Exciting cockpit radio near Tan An/Ben Luc
chasing VC in the canal's with weapon's, mini-gun's & M-60's. 65 min.

CD#2: Witchdoctor OS Shotdown-Mar 1971 Radio traffic recorded near Can
Tho-near the Delta, with 2 slick's shotdown, Cobra mid-air collision.
Very interesting air traffic. 44 min.

CD#3: Cross-Border Mission in
Laos-1970. Special Ops Force's Extraction. 57th Assault Helicopter
company cockpit radio. 35 min.

CD#4: Pop more Smoke-spring 1969, cockpit
radio traffic from the 334th Assault Helicopter company with rocket's
near Bien Hoa in the U Minh forrest. 61 min

1971, 101st Airborne team near old FSB "Scotchy" Khe Sanh & the rockpile
in I corps. 43 min.

CD#6: Kontum "Mad Minute" - 17 Oct 1968. Radio
traffic, gunships, Artillery impacting "Mad Minute, more at LZ "Mary
Lou". 42 min.

CD#7: 25th Inf. Div. 13 May 1969 - Firefight B co. 2/22
action near Ben Cui Rubber plantation 22 km east-south east of Tay Ninh.
Tay Ninh firefight - 9 June grid xt 382503 with 2/22th Inf. 44
min. Alot of weapon's fire here.

CD#8: Company Sweep - Unknown date,
unknown location in Vietnam. Has automatic weapon's fire and small arms
fire, artillery fire, as well radio traffic also. 45 min.

CD#9: Rule's of
Engagement - 1969 Cockpit Radio traffic near Trang Bang. Also gunship
flying support near Trang Bang. 60 min.+

CD#10 & CD#11: SOS: "Stinger"
Special Ops squadron, late 1969 to 1972. Aircraft flying AC119 gunship
mission. Take-off, gun check, flying at night, night gun run's, take on
convoy, ambush, aircraft fire & more on this cd. First cd #10 is 70
min. + and the 2nd cd #11 is 68 min.-

CD#12: Crown Rescue - 1969 Laos
operation. Must go in to do some recovery, rescue. 43 min

CD#13: Cobra's
over Dakto - 24 Apr 1972. Radio cockpit air traffic from the 361st
Aerial weapons company. This cd run's over 45 min.-

CD#14: Combat Radio
air traffic from Vietnam. Loch & Cobra run on Sanpans. Election day
1968, Binh Woh area. 59 min.

CD#15: Vietnam Air Radio traffic, 1968. Run
on Sanpans. Unknown date & location. 33 min.

CD#16, #17, #18 and #19
is a very long radio commo between the security control and other
perimeter bunker's during the TET offensive at Tan Son Nhut on 31 Jan
1968. The VC attack the base, bunker's get overtaken, some run out of
ammo, fire's start, the VC are going all over the area and people get
killed. The radio control operator has his hand's full for well over 3
hour's. This is good.

CD#20 is the SOG team in Cambodia from 1972. It
is a short 20 minute radio account. The pilot's shoot their mini-gun's,
& rocket's which you can hear as they are fired, but they also take a
few hits from the enemy below.

CD#21: "Outlaws in Vietnam", actual
operational recordings of an extraction in the Mekong Delta, Sept.
1967...Time is about 47 minutes. 

CD#22: Ice Bag O1B, SAR, 12 May
1972, and Scotch O3, SAR..30 June-1July 1968..Time is 57 minutes. 

CD # 23: Jolly Green Giant, firing of rockets, mini-guns, then pilot
radio commo, later 1 gets shot down, Quang Tri RVN area, 1972....More
info on this Cd # 23:  
This is the radio commo on the rescue attempt of Lt. Colonel Iceal
Hambleton. While listening to it, I realized that he was shot down in
1972 during the Communist offense and that Jolly Green 67 was shot down
during one of the rescue attempts. On the cd a pilot is talking to
someone on the ground and states Jolly will pickup Bat-21 first then
pick him up next. Bat-21 was Hambleton's call sign of his EB-66 airplane
and I think the person on the ground could be the FAC observer Mark
Clark who was shot down a day or two later, after Hambleton.
1st 14 min or so....weapons firing of mini-guns and rockets...then radio
commo from pilots and crew....runs over 44 minutes. 

Cd # 24 is "07 Stinger",  cockpit commo, unknown date and location....

Cd # 25 "Firefight" commo with the Sandy's, NAILS, and Jolly'
get's a rocket hit....unknown date and location

CD #26:  Radio Commo between soldier's on the ground to air support
above...they need illumination to spot the enemy VC, to target them from
the air as well...and also need more troops, as the VC is trying to
over-run the area. This is at the "Buddha, in Nha Trang, south
Vietnam....during a firefight. Good commo.  No specific day is known,
other than the month & year, which is Jan of 1968..Run time:  32 Min. +

CD # 27: Chopper Radio commo during an attack on Bien Hoa & Long Binh in
1968 time frame "Dragon 33" and other's try to find & fire on enemy VC
hitting the base. Later also hear Aussi radio traffic below. "Shadow 76"
& "Saber 06" also get's on the horn. 56 Minutes. 

CD # 28: Soldier's talk
during an attack on Bien Hoa base. As rocket's come in, & small arm's
fire...They give a moment to moment account. 3 March 1968...and then
recordings of the TET, 31 Jan 1968 also at Bien Hoa base. 46 minutes.

(that's the # 1 thru # 28 commo Cd's)

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